During some time, this certification had been in my radar, as I heard it is recognised among companies and PM professionals as the golden standard.

What had put me off until recently was the fact that PMP comes with an exhaustive review of your PM experience and a tough exam.

When some colleagues proposed me to join them on a 4-day intensive course on PMP, I knew that was the nudge I had been waiting for.

Since the beginning of the training, I noticed several positive points: venue was adequate, participants were like-minded and proactive professionals, … But if I had to highlight the two strongest reasons why I would recommend the course, these would be:

#1 the training materials were extremely concise and clear. PMBOK is a good tool but it is lengthy and heavy to read. Career Growth did an awesome job condensing the information and sticking to the point.

#2 the trainer, Dr. Mui, was engaging, experienced, and very professional. He would constantly relate the theory with several real-life examples (projects he previously conducted, major engineering feats such as bridges or airports), keeping us focused at all times.

After I completed the training, I had acquired a good understanding of the PM processes, and more importantly, a broader perspective of a project is and how it should be conducted so the PM is in control even in the most challenging situations. I was very confident that with a proper deepening of the concepts, I would pass the exam and obtain the certification.

I scheduled my exam one month and a half after the end of the training, and I spent that time re-reading the book and doing exams, consulting the trainer when necessary.


The format of the exam (200 questions, 4 hours) makes it a challenge to remain focused at all times. I had two breaks of 5 minutes each, to rest a bit.

Prometric is a good platform that allows you to strikethrough the options you want to discard, and to flag the questions you want to review later.

Questions revolved a lot (excessively, in my opinion!) about the Control Scope, Manage Quality, Control Quality, and PICC.

Almost nothing about Professional responsibility, and little about Cost and Schedule. Only one question regarding float.

In terms of EMV and similar calculations, they were not complicated. Several of them revolved around SPI, CPI, and what does it mean if they are below or above 1.

Only 2 questions regarding the different types of contract (FFP, CPIF, CPFF, T&M, …)

Antonio– PMP®


I took the Project Management Professional exam preparation class of Dr Mui in July 2017, and I’m proud to say that I passed my exam in my 1st attempt. As someone that didn’t have any formal PM training, but had workplace experience, I found this course to be very beneficial in that it provided me with the foundation/building blocks to lead successful projects. I’ve been to many “professional enrichment” and technical-training classes over the years at Shell and Stat Oil and this was easily the single best class I’ve taken. The quality of the materials (both the in-class presentation and the take home study sheets), the dynamic instruction, and the careful filtering of the fire hose of information that it takes to become a PMP combined to make it worth the expenditure. As I studied to prepare for my exam, I could hear Dr Mui’s voice in my head, explaining things with tools to help us remember. I had quite a few of those moments during my exam, where I was confident in my answer because I could remember the exact material presented to the group. My best wishes to students and to PMO Asia in shaping the careers for many years to come.

Abhishek – PMP®


Thank You for sharing your expertise at the PMP Boot Camp. Your presentations and the detailed outlined training materials about the PMP course are exceedingly helpful as it helps me successfully pass the exam. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in the presentation and thoroughness in delivering helpful advice. And also appreciate your willingness to speak with your students before and after your talks

Ru Wen – PMP®


Thank you for the pmbok course which includes the precise summarised notes, especially the road map and the equations for project management. The trial/test exam both in paper and in website given had prepared me well for the exam. Looking forward to attend your class again.

Ir. Alfred – PMP®


The PMP Boot Camp is a great program for either new and/or experienced project manager whom would like to pursue in project management career to understand and get more in depth of project management knowledge. The materials provided are well streamline into important key notes and the exposures of 4 hours mock test during the last day of boot camp is essential for the candidates to at least experience the real exam scenario and questions. Dr. Mui demonstrated solid skill and knowledge in project management by successfully delivered the PMBOK guide and standards, which helped me PASS my PMP certification in first time. Moreover, with great patient Dr. Mui also guided me to successfully complete the PMI application. Thank you Dr. Mui!

Jiin Chuan – PMP®


Hi Dr. Mui, Thank you for your tips and guidance during the PMP Boot Camp. I managed to pass the PMP exam last Sep 4, 2018. Couple of your tips/advices that I found highly useful are as below: 1. Attending a refresher course for PMBOK 6th edition 2. Rescheduling the exam if the readiness if not there 3. Visiting links containing useful PMP question reference Not to forget your continuous encouragement and patience in answering my inquiries throughout the boot camp.

Yoke Mooi – PMP®


Hi Dr Mui, I just attended Project Management Fundamental Course. The Project Management Fundamental course really helps me a lot in term of understand and handling a new project. As a team member, now I have a clearer and overall picture from beginning until end. I am very appreciate of the course, looking forward to attend intermediate or advance course. I am planning to change my career path to project management. Hopefully you can give some advice. Do keep in touch and have a nice day. Thank you.

Tit Min – PMP®


Hi Dr. Mui, I had passed my PMP exam in last week. Thank for the information provided during PMP(R) boot camp. Your note and explanation help me having better understanding in each process. Besides, I would like to thank you and your colleague Charzlene. When I in doubt in the PMP member registration procedure, you and your colleague are very kind to help me completed the registration.

Shirley – PMP®


Hi Dr Mui, The intensive 4-day training helped me a lot with my PMP exam. It prepares me mentally on what to expect for the exam. The tactics shared during the training on how to prepare for the exam were really helpful. The training material, sample questions and process map provided during the training are comprehensive and concise that they helped a lot when I was doing revision for the exam. Thank you for doing an amazing job in providing a good PMP Boot camp training.

Yik Thien – PMP®


“Boot camp course is intensive and very well designed to help students understand PMBOK which is necessary to pass PMP Exam. Dr. Mui is very good teacher who explained all questions and is committed to help students anytime. I am from Czech Republic living in Malaysia and I highly recommend Dr. Mui’s Boot Camp course” Thank you for preparing me to pass my PMP exam

Jiri – PMP®


I’m from Intel. Took your PMP bootcamp class in Penang last month. Took the exam this morning and passed my PMP. Took your tips to memorize the process map and formula, both came in handy during exam. Your chapter questions and the sample exam questions are mostly spot on. Thanks for the guidance and making the PMP exam process easy for me. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll ever sit for the exam

NS, Ho – PMP®


Hi Dr Mui, First of all, thanks for your notes which summarize the inputs, tools & techniques and also outputs for every process. Besides, it also listed the important notes to remind us to memories. And you had also provided us some tips to answer the tricky questions. I also read thru the Rita’s book that you had provided. It is really helpful for better understanding especially to differentiate the processes. Last, I also completed all 400 test questions which provided me to have ‘hands on’. I have few friends and family members who are interested to get PMP cert as well and I had recommended to them. ☺

WX, Teoh – PMP®


Hi Dr. Mui, Below are my observations from the PMP Boot Camp course.
1. Comprehensive & well summarized notes
2. Each process areas are properly captured with inputs, tools & techniques and outputs to help students to remember effectively
3. Mock exam questions provided mimick real exam question
4. Additional information provided also help for exam.practice
5. Overall knowledge areas, groups and processes are well summarized in a page to give general overview to students.
All in all, I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in taking up PMP certification. It is a very good preparatory course prior to PMP examination.

Aaron – PMP®


Hi Dr Mui, Thank you. Your good boot camp and mentor assist me in getting my PMP on my first try. Your course really assist us in understanding such a wide knowledge by going into basis of consideration, grouping of information and applied knowledge.

Tony – PMP®


Awesome Dr Mui! I got what I need to know about the fundamentals of Project Management. My superior in US will be very eager to know more about the training and I will share the website given. With the 2-days classes attended, I find it to be productive and course driven. I say Syabas! to all.

Pansy – PMP®


I took the PMP boot camp with Dr Mui Kai Yin, and it was definitely the right amount of focus to prepare for the examination. I paid attention in the boot camp sessions and spent just few days brushing up on terms before the exam using the guidance materials provided and that was enough to score “above target” in the examination! The guidance materials were really comprehensive and they cover almost everything that you need to know for the exam.

Gaya – PMP®


Hi Dr. Mui, “I would definitely recommend Career Growth PMP Boot Camp to my friends who are striving for PMP certification. The course is a good snap overview of the entire PMP certification program. The Boot camp prepares you well with all the important topics covered. Dr Mui with all his experience is able to give a good picture of how the entire exam experience will be. The course material is a good condensation of the exam topics, with enough importance given to each section according to the actual weightage given in the exam. The cheat sheet provided with all the formulas and ITTO’s is useful till the last limit prep for the exam. Career Growth PMP Boot Camp helped me to pass the PMP in the first attempt with 4AT’s. Thanks to Mr. Mui and his team.” Apart from the course material I went through the Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep 9th Edition. The mock exam questions with the material are good, but I wanted an actual exam experience. So I signed up for the PMP Exam Simulator from project-management-prepcast.com. Just the simulator and not the actual course. The exam turned out to be much tougher than anything in the mock, but it prepared you well for the 4-hour tedious session on the actual exam date.

Jerry Ittiachen – PMP®


Dear Dr Mui, Charzlene,
I am happy to inform you that I have passed my PMP exam today. I would say the questions was quite tough (less than 10 questions on calculations and majority was a scenario based). But your methods, tips and tricks helps me through. I would not have done it without your support. You were there promptly clarified all my questions either it be on the PMP subjects or the administrations part. Be rest assured that I will sure recommend you to my friends or organizational if there are looking for the trainers especially the PMI courses. Hope to see you soon. Thank you and Warm Regards.

Aishikin – PMP®


I have attended the Career Growth’s PMP Boot Camp in month May 2019 as it’s part of my job self-development’s KPI. This course definitely has equipped me with the recognised worldwide project management knowledge. Trainer has provided the concise notes, supporting reading materials, numerous of trial/sample exam questions to allow me to sit PMP exam and passed on 1st attempt on 28th August 2019. Looking forward to attend other project management course in near future. Thank you, Ir. Dr. Mui Kai Yin !

Goh KH – PMP®


Received tremendous support from Dr. Mui and the team from Career Growth throughout my journey of getting PMP certified. The study materials provided at the training course were comprehensive and has enabled me to easily recap all PMP content and prepare for my examination. I have also benefited from the free revision class. The dedicated team at Career Growth went all out to ensure that I have the right support and advice in terms of exam scheduling and preparation. Would definitely consider other PMI certification courses offered by Career Growth!

Aaron K – PMP®


Dear Dr Mui,

I hope this email finds you well. I appreciate the amount of time you’ve spent in developing and outlining the PMP Knowledge areas and its Processes in a structured & much more easier to understand in comparison to 900+ pages of PMBok handbook. I also admire your energy, motivation and positivity while attending the 4days PMP ® Boot Camp. It’s a blessing to have such a fantastic and energetic trainer like you. Thank you for your insight as well as your commitment and willingness in setting up a whatsapp group addressing all our queries pertaining to PMP exam. That, I’m sure is a direct reflection of your own personal commitment to your trainees. Thanks to the PMP Boot Camp, I’ve passed my PMP Exam yesterday and have obtained my PMP @ credential.

Thanks & Regards,

Ir. Ong Shy Boon – PMP®



Dear Dr Mui,

I like to thank you and your PMP boot camp for providing good support to help me pass the PMP exam. Your effort and willingness to answer all my queries after the PMP boot camp is greatly appreciated. Your course material is also very concise and able to give me clear explanation and understanding to PMBOK processes

Thank you again

Chen Harn Shean – PMP®