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FREE TALK: Make Stress Your Friend at Work (2 PMI® PDUs)

FREE TALK: Make Stress Your Friend at Work (2 PMI® PDUs)

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FREE TALK: Make Stress Your Friend At Work

(2 PMI® PDUs)


By Mr. Nick Ong GQHP

Workshop Logistics:

Date: 9 December 2020 (Wednesday)

Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm

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Workshop Synopsis (Abstract):

In a modern society, people in cities live in at a fast pace that emphasize on speed and efficiency. This leaves very little room and space for a person to unwind and return to mental equilibrium and balance which every normal person needs for optimal health. As a result, stress, anxiety along with other emotions arise at a level that often feel overwhelming to the individual. When the emotions are not addressed appropriately, mental and physical health are usually affected and diseases follow. In almost all cases, work performance is significantly affected at different levels.

Hence work stress management is an important area where companies or employees could and should look into to improve productivity and efficiency at work place. In this talk, master clinical hypnotherapist Nick Ong will be sharing the nature of stress, how stress is impacting our mental and physical state as well as ways that you could manage work stress.

The key learning points and summary take away for the talk includes but not limited to the following:

  • Identify the costs and benefits of dealing with stress
  • Define what stress is and started to recognize the signs of stress
  • Understand physiological and emotional effect of stress
  • Understand the role of stress in job performance

Program Flow:

8:00pm – 8:05pm: Introduction

8:05pm – 8:10pm: What is stress?

8:10pm – 8:30pm: Fight and Flight Response

8:30pm – 9:05pm: Autonomic Nervous System

9:05pm – 9:30pm: Stress & Performance

9:30pm – 9:45pm: Question and Answer

9:45pm – 10:00pm: Closeout & End

Presenter Bio:

Nick Ong

Nick Ong is the founder and principal trainer/coach of Violet Light Life Coaching & Training PLT. The company holds the vision of assisting its client to unleash full potentials and overcome limitation. He is also the co-founder and sales director of Dream Technology System Sdn Bhd, an engineering solution company that support manufacturers to better compete at global level.

Being a trained mechanical engineer since 2000, and inevitable engineering habits of mind have led Nick to be fascinated by the incredible power of the unconscious mind. He was intrigued by its powerful impact on the mental and physical aspects of human health conditions. In 2006, he began exploring about regression, hypnotherapy and unconscious mind, which subsequently led him to professional training and certification in hypnotherapy, regression therapy, and NLP. Eventually, he started his practice as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and a life coach in 2016.

Nick helps his clients in addressing physical and emotional disorders using techniques like Regression Therapy, Timeline Therapy, Parts Integration, Emotion Freedom Techniques. He also uses hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help clients in stress or anxiety reduction, smoking cessation, weight management, emotion management.

Nick received a B.Eng degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Melbourne, Australia. He is a certified hypnotherapist with the US National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and UK General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). He is also a practitioner member of the Malaysian Society of Complementary Medicine (MSCM) under Ministry of Health.