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FREE TALK: Mind Science for Effective Multimedia Presentation (1 PMI® PDU)

FREE TALK: Mind Science for Effective Multimedia Presentation (1 PMI® PDU)

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Topic: Mind Science for Effective Multimedia Presentation (1 PDUs)

By Dr. Gerard Boey Kong Hoong, EdD, MSc, BSc, PSMB Certified Trainer

Co-organized by Career Growth Sdn. Bhd. and SEGi College Penang.

Workshop Logistics:

Date: 24 April 2020 (Friday)

Time: 8:30pm – 9:50pm

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Workshop Synopsis:

This short talk introduces you to the basic understanding of cognition and how the mind interprets incoming information and makes sense of it. By having a greater understanding of your mind, you will utilize proven science-based approaches to improve your multimedia presentation designs and increase its effectiveness in communicating with your audience. This introductory talk will get you started and confidently assure you that there is a better way to design multimedia presentations that are effective and engaging.

The key learning points and summary take away for the talk includes but not limited to the following:

  • A. Describe how do we learn in order for better multimedia presentation design
  • B. Explain the workings of the human memory based on;
    1. Dual Coding Theory (Dual Learning Channels)
    2. Generative Learning Theory
    3. Information Processing Theory
  • C. Implications of learning, understanding and the memory on the effectiveness of Multimedia Presentations

 Speaker Profile:

Dr. Gerard Boey Kong Hoong, is currently the Vice Principal (Academic) at SEGi College, Penang. He has over 28 years of combined work experience in Engineering, ICT, and Education. He has developed various training programs for teaching and learning, conduct talks, and workshops. On many occasions, he has trained adult learners, schoolteachers, lecturers, and postgraduate students on Mind Science for Effective Multimedia Presentation to improve their multimedia presentation design skills using MS PowerPoint.

Dr Gerard Boey is a graduate of TARUC and received his BS Microelectronics/Computer Science from Campbell University, USA, MSc in Systems Engineering from Cardiff University, UK and Doctor of Education (Educational Technology and Multimedia), EdD from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. He is also a member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK. His current passion is in the field of ICT-Pedagogy Integration and Technology For Education.

Dr. Gerard is a PSMB certified trainer and has conducted various training sessions and workshops to companies and public.


Virtual Live Online Workshop Agenda:

08:30pm – 08:40pm: Welcome & Introduction

08:40pm – 09:30pm: Mind Science for Effective Multimedia Presentation

09:30pm – 09:45pm: Questions & Answers

09:45pm – 09:50pm: Closing & End