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FREE TALK | Unlimited Motivation for A Fulfilling Career and Life (1.5 PMI® PDUs)

FREE TALK | Unlimited Motivation for A Fulfilling Career and Life (1.5 PMI® PDUs)

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[FREE TALK] Unlimited Motivation for A Fulfilling Career and Life

(1.5 PMI® PDUs)


Mr. Teng Seng Choo, B.Eng, MSc(Tech Mgmt), PMP.

Workshop Logistics:

Date: 22nd November 2022 (Tues)

Time: 8:30pm to 10:00pm

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Workshop Synopsis (Abstract)

For people who have been in the workforce long enough to find their motivation and passion degraded, it is hard sometimes to regain the momentum and drive to push for the next peak. The mid-career crisis is as real as the mental changes experienced by the teens. Most people just settle for whatever they have achieved, make do with whatever they have and swallow the pills of unrealised potential. The fear of living an unfulfilled life, unbearable boredom of a 9-5 job, and the inner voice of ‘I deserve more than this’ seem like an unsettled inner child who is trying to convey the subtle objection to her parents. The more the parent ignores, the more the inner child rebels. Unfortunately, following the inner child’s voice is not an easy option either. The insecurity of changing the status quo, the unclear vision of the path, and the lack of motivation for change are the causes of holding back for most people living in the crisis. The perpetual conflict is annoying at times. It may spiral into a depression for some people if not approaching it correctly. Fortunately, modern psychology has an excellent solution for those who want to not just free themselves from the inner conflict but to reclaim the potent drive to scale their next peaks.

If you are the person with the nagging inner voice for achieving more because you feel you deserve more and you want more, this talk will open your mind to the new possibilities available to you. If you are willing to play a long-term game for creating a successful career and living a fulfilling life, this talk is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge to start your journey. Drawing on the research findings of the self-determinant theory (SDT) of human motivation and personal experience from deploying the theoretical concepts, the speaker will discuss how autonomy, mastery and connectedness drive human actions from evolutionary perspectives to fulfil the basic human psychological needs. The speaker will also relate the concepts to the core of the teachings of Tony Robbins, a renowned contemporary success coach and the motivation framework proposed by Daniel Pink, an American author in his famous book entitled: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

Program objectives

What will you learn in this talk?

  • The Self Determinant Theory (SDT) and why you should pay attention to this prescriptive theory of motivation as compared to descriptive motivation theory such as Maslow’s theory of m
  • Understand from the evolutionary biology perspective on what drives human behaviours.
  • The difference between Happiness and Fulfilment. Which one should you choose to create a sustaining motivation?
  • The key obstacles to happiness and fulfilment in your career and life.
  • The key sources of happiness and fulfilment in your career and life.
  • Two models of ‘good life’ taught by ancient philosophers and One emerging ‘good life’ model proposed and researched by social scientists.

Who is this talk not for?

  • Who wants to learn how to hype themselves in a traditional sense of motivational talk conducted by motivational speakers.
  • Who wants the walkthrough of the concrete step-by-step implementation guide to increase your task motivation.
  • Action biased people who prefer not to do self-reflection or self-exploration.
  • People who prefer a short-term and quick fix approach to career development.
  • People who do not intend to spend time on continuous learning of new knowledge for skill acquisition and deployment.

Program Flow

8:15pm – 8:30pm: Check in & Introduction of speaker

8:30pm – 9:30pm: Presentation and Interaction

9:30pm – 9:45pm: Question and Answer

Presenters Bio

Teng Seng

Choo Teng Seng (Jim Choo)

Choo Teng Seng (Jim Choo) is the founder and Managing Partner of Edney Learn. Edney Learn helps edupreneurs and educational service providers scale their business with educational and marketing content. The company provides digital assets authoring services such as content research and writing, online course development and short content marketing video production.

Teng Seng started his career in business development in the electronic industry. He transitioned his career multiple times from business analyst to IT project manager and R&D programme manager. Feeling unfulfilled with his corporate career, Teng Seng opted for an entrepreneurial journey. He started a preschool business as a side hustle before turning into a full-time business person 5 years ago. Over the last 5 years, Teng Seng started Edney Academy of Young Learners and Edney Learn as a vertical extension of his passion for business that promotes quality education covering different phases of human life cycle from early childhood to professional working adults.

Teng Seng is an ardent advocate of self-directed education. He is also an educational psychology researcher in innovation in teaching and learning for human performance. Teng Seng holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Master’s Degree in Technology Management. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).