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FREE TALK: The Integrated Practices of Industrial Engineering, Lean & Six Sigma for Business Success! (2 PMI® PDUs)

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FREE TALK: The Integrated Practices of Industrial Engineering, Lean & Six Sigma for Business Success! (2 PMI® PDUs)

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FREE TALK: The Integrated Practices of Industrial Engineering, Lean & Six Sigma for Business Success!

(2 PMI® PDUs)


Dr. Thong Sze Yee, PhD, BSc, HRDF Certified Trainer.

Workshop Logistics:

Date: 27 July 2020 (Monday)

Time: 8:00pm – 10:00pm

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Workshop Synopsis (Abstract):

Today’s manufacturing sector deploy a wide ‘assortment’ of methods to drive and improve productivity performance. Lean manufacturing or Toyota Production System (TPS) began from automobile manufacturing in Japan has gained traction across the globe. Six Sigma methodology on the other hand has attracted attention to drive variabilities since it was introduced by American engineers working at  Motorola.  There has been comparison over the methods’ approaches, benefits, and other aspects in the past years.  But, recently instead of comparing, combining Lean and Six Sigma as one collaborative effort to drive continuous improvement has been gaining in popularity. There have been wide range of training, certification, and consulting services in Lean Six Sigma instead of choosing one or the other. Many companies have attempted lean transformation, six sigma transformation, and lately combining two or more methods, but far few claimed the successes in sustenance practices.

In this talk, the speaker will share and discuss the origins of these productivity methods and practices from Industrial Engineering.  It includes the revolution of these methods and the importance of hybrid approach moving forward. The talk will also bring up the points of how Lean, Six Sigma work with other key productivity guru such as TOC (Theory of Constraints).

Engineers and management must make these seemingly disparate methods integrate and perform as one, which can be a challenge, especially when different technical and academic background, experiences, and escalating conflicting strategies add to the complexity. Critical lesson learned, shared, and discussed in the transformation to prevail in the next generation of manufacturing age.

Program Flow:

8:00pm – 8:10pm: Introduction

8:10pm – 9:45pm: Integration of IE, Lean & 6 Sigma for Business Success

9:45pm – 10:00pm: Question and Answer, Closing

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Thong Sze Yee started off as an Industrial Engineer in Intel and has been with the manufacturing industry practicing Lean and Industrial Engineering (IE) for over 20 years. Dr. Thong has held various managerial positions in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Operation and Project Teams. She has been a senior manager managing a team of IE, Lean and Six Sigma experts in Flex prior to her current role as a Global Lean Manager facilitating productivity improvement projects and conducting technical workshops globally. She holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), U.S.A.  and earned her doctoral degree in Manufacturing Engineering from University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP).

Her enthusiasm in IE and LEAN does not stop at workplace, she loves reading IE technical books, writing technical articles, and participating in relevant forums at free time. Her paper on ‘An Engineering Approach to Increase Chances of Data Capture-ability and Data Analyzability in Work Measurement Practices’ has been selected the best track paper in the 2017 International Symposium of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management in United Kingdom. Besides working fulltime at Flex, she is also the visiting lecturer at UniMAP, provides talk in Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA) Master Degree Industrial Engineering class and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Student Roundtable. Facilitated workshop on sustaining lean practices for The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and in Johnson Matthey Annual Global Lean Conference on ‘Sustaining Lean’ for company lean practitioners from sites over its global footprints.