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FREE TALK | Leading and Managing BIM in Parcel F Putrajaya – A Game Changer for Project Managers (1.5 PMI® PDUs)

FREE TALK | Leading and Managing BIM in Parcel F Putrajaya – A Game Changer for Project Managers (1.5 PMI® PDUs)

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[FREE TALK] Project Management Experience Sharing:

– Leading and Managing BIM in Parcel F Putrajaya – A Game Changer for Project Managers

(1.5 PMI® PDUs)


Dasila Baharuddin

  • C&S Engineer, Manager
  • Professional Certified PM, PMP

Workshop Logistics:

Date: 14th June 2022 (Tues)

Time: 8:30pm to 10:00pm

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Workshop Synopsis (Abstract)

Parcel F is the first Malaysian Government mega project to implement BIM (Building Information Modelling) from Design Stage to Facilities Management. A Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project, the construction started in 2016 when BIM adoption was very low and not favourable among the construction industry players. This presented myriad challenges in leading and managing the project.

Despite the BIM challenges and coupled with the project’s complexities and stringent requirements of the Government, Parcel F achieved triumph when it was completed on schedule and delivered remarkable outcomes which is very rare for a mega project.

The implementation of BIM has not only changed the way this project is being constructed but also created a new norm in the construction industry.

The project team has learned to apply highly sophisticated project management skills. There are more than 20,000 construction activities and 60,000 interfaces in the project schedule. Skillsets acquired in leading and managing this large project have created many BIM professionals who will drive innovation in future projects.

The adoption of the BIM Common Data environment had created a veritable common language for all stakeholders. BIM has made a big impact to virtually represent the entire life cycle of Parcel F in an integrated delivery approach.

The 3D model enabled description of building elements and engineering services with elaborate descriptions to the geometry, relationships and property capabilities making an excellent assets and facilities management database.

Parcel F is the catalyst and trendsetter in BIM adoption up to Facilities Management. BIM Model was integrated with comprehensive Asset, Space and Building Data that has enabled and smoothen the Facilities Management team to manage the building operation in accordance with Government Asset Management and maintenance requirements.

This 1.5 hour talk shares the successful application of BIM into the Parcel F project that aims to provide insights on high level changes in the Project Manager’s role. It is a compilation of various articles on how professional PMs will behave and how they strive to win the projects. In addition, participants will hear the norms that the PM handled in today’s situation and give some useful tips to help the PM implement future projects more productively and effectively.

Program objectives

  1. BIM in Parcel F
  2. Its impact to Project Management
  3. What has changed?
  4. How to overcome it?
  5. Useful tips
  6. Q&A

Program Flow

8:15pm – 8:30pm: Registration and Warm up activity

8:30pm – 8:45pm: BIM in Parcel F

8:45pm – 9:00pm: Changes to the Project Manager

9:00pm – 9:15pm: Ways to overcome the struggles

9:15pm – 9:30pm: Tips and Tools

9:30pm – 9:45pm: Q&A

Presenters Bio

Dasila Baharuddin

  • C&S Engineer, Manager
  • Professional Certified PM, PMP

 Dasila Baharuddin graduated from University Putra Malaysia in 2000. She has over 20 years of experience in Project Management and has been with KLCC Projeks Sdn Bhd (“KLCCP”) since January 2010.

Growing alongside KLCCP, she started as an Executive Planner for the Building Division in KLCC Project Services Sdn. Bhd (KLCCPS). She has been assigned to lead and manage the Planning and BIM Section for the Design, Construction and Completion Of Government Office Buildings Consisting Of Office Towers, Podium Parking And External Works At Parcel F, Precinct 1, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, Putrajaya worth of RM 1,494 Billion in Putrajaya.

She was a Planner in Iskandar Development Management Services in Johor Bahru managing 4 concurrent projects from 2008 until 2009 worth RM1.16 Billion.

Involved as Project Engineer and Coordinator with Ranhill Engineers and Contractors Sdn Bhd from 2000 until 2009, she has been involved with more than 100 Pipeline, Water Treatment Plant and Reservoirs Project servicing the Syarikat Air Johor Holdings (SAJH).